Beloved pets that have passed away

And although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill,
That one place in our hearts
belongs to them…
and always will.

Please click on each picture to learn
more about each pet

Oscar 18.05.2021
Oscar 18.05.2021
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings
It’s hard to find one singular descriptive word for the relationship that Oscar gave. He was a warm, gentle & an endearing friend with a beautiful way of life.
Oscar was more that a dog…he was a little life that was always happy to hear you walk in the door! He loved when he would hear the word “walkies” and his ears perked up! He loved his spins in the car, hanging out the window with the wind blowing.
After losing his eye sight, age took the better of him and at aged 15 he said his final farewell.
Oscar was always there…he gave us everything he needed to give us in a companion & a family member.
The house is empty without Oscar now but we are grateful for all the memories.
Boddie 05.05.2021
Boddie 05.05.2021
We adopted Boddie and his pal from a rescue shelter 15 years ago. Since then he brought so much love and happiness to our home.
He had a great sense of humour and mischief. He loved to steal socks and run around the house with them, with us chasing after him. He loved being outdoors and never missed his daily walks no matter what the weather.
We miss him every day, but are cheered up by reminders of all the happy times we had with him.
Kitty 08.05.2021
Kitty 08.05.2021
We were supposed to have a cat …. but we found her as a puppy…so her name was so perfect for her 😉
She was the most fun, crazy and devoted member of our pack…and always will be…
Jack 10.05.2021
Jack 10.05.2021

Jack was our dog for 11 years, having come to us as a rescue dog aged around 2. He didn’t like other dogs and barked at the birds a lot but was great around people.

We will miss him.

Colleen 05.05.2021
Colleen 05.05.2021
She was a little diva 💓
She was such a Lady to everyone & was the most Gentle Soul you will ever meet ..
  if this Lady could talk she would say a lot
 ” shoot another shot of me there”  she was such a little Poser & a Pocket Rocket.  Her energy was Loving.
She loved going to the Vets, it was never a problem for her. It was like going to the beach or on a routine road trip. She would skip anywhere to get her photo taken. Kids in her area just adored her, even the boys who are teenagers now, she took the ball for Man United .. this Lady was well known in her estate in her day..
She was a real cutie  Trooper.
She skipped to Salthill from Merlin for years before her Arthritis kicked in at 15years she was still going Strong… as her Springer Spaniel streak is High energy… She Loved Life to death & for a dog, you would  💓  her Soul ..
Loved by so many & missed greatly.
God Speed Colleen. 🌈  💓
Loftus 01.05.2021
Loftus 01.05.2021

Loftus was a great guard dog who would bark at any noise at the door,but was so loving to everyone who came into our house,he would roll over for a belly rub or a rub under his chin.he loved his spin out in the car. He will be sadly missed by us all.