Friendly and Professional Veterinary Care

Our comprehensive range of services for small animals includes the following:

Health Checks

Whether your pet is feeling unwell or is just in to see us for a check-up, we conduct a full general health exam on all our patients using low stress handling techniques.

Flea & Worm Control

Here at Briarhill, we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure! For this reason, we stock a wide range of parasite prevention options, from tasty tablets to spot-on solutions.

Spaying & Neutering

Our neutering service involves the surgery itself in our dedicated operating theatre, post-operative check-ups, pain killers and buster collar etc. Neutering offers huge health benefits.


A proper vaccination protocol is important to prevent your pet contracting preventable diseases. We tailor our vaccine schedule for each patient to ensure a sufficient immunity while also avoiding over-vaccinating our patients.

Dedicated to Small Animal Healthcare

As well as the pet health services listed above, Briarhill Veterinary Clinic also provide:


Microchips are the only permanent method of identifying your cat or dog and so are essential should they ever go missing. Our microchip service includes the implantation of the chip and also registration of the details on a recognised database. As of March 2016, every dog in Ireland must be microchipped by law.

Pet Passport Scheme

Cats, dogs and ferrets are allowed free movement throughout EU member states through the pet passport scheme. We provide all the requirements for pet travel such as the pet passport itself, pre-travel exams, rabies vaccination and parasite prevention.

Puppy & Kitten Care

We firmly believe that a good start in life is the key to healthy, happy pets and owners. During our new puppy and kitten exams, we offer advice on areas such as nutrition including a wide range of prescription diets, training, vaccination, neutering and dental care.

Senior Pet Care

We often see conditions such as arthritis, kidney disease and dental disease in our geriatric patients. During our senior care consultations, we can offer advice on how to manage these and any other issues that arise with your golden oldie!

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