Fully Equipped Veterinary Clinic in Galway

We have been accredited as a hospital by the Veterinary Council of Ireland.
Our modern, purpose-built practice is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities includes the following.

Dog & Cat Wards

We completely segregate our dogs and cats from each other using a dedicated hospital ward and consultation room for each. We find this greatly reduces stress in our patients and promotes a more calm environment, which is especially important for sick or frail patients.

Digital X-Ray

Our top-of-the-range digital x-ray machine provides us with instant images for issues such as broken bones, breathing difficulties or FBs.

Operating Theatre

Our dedicated operating theatre provides a sterile environment completely separate from other areas of the clinic, ensuring our patients have a reduced risk of post-operative complications.

Isolation Unit

Patients with an infectious or contagious condition are placed in a completely separate ward. This is to prevent the spread of the disease to our other patients. Our low stress handling techniques also helps to reduce the level of stress in the patient.


Through examination of the urine, we can find evidence of conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, bladder stones and UTIs.


The microscope is an invaluable piece of equipment we use every day to indentify skin parasites, diagnose why a dog has a sore ear, examine what type of urinary crystal a cat has or to see what type of bacteria a wound is infected with.


The electrocardiagram is used to detect problems with the electrical activity in the heart. This quick painless test can detect irregular pulse rates and rhythms and so can help to diagnose problems like valve disease or CHF.


The ultrasound machine is ideal for looking at soft tissue problems such as the intestine or spleen. We can also carry out pregnancy diagnosis using this piece of equipment.

Gas Anaesthesia

Every anaesthetised patient has this machine placed on them. This means that we have a constant watch over our patient’s heart rate and breathing quality.

Pulse Oximetry

Our biochemistry machine can quickly give us results looking at the function of a patient’s vital organs. Through these results, we can diagnose conditions such as liver failure or pancreatitis.

Blood Machines

Using our haematology machine, we can look at the number of red blood cells has and we can also see any elevation or drop in white blood cells. Using this info, we can diagnose symptoms such as anaemia or infection.

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